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"Together with a single kiss,

The day is fresh- a strong attraction to the second kiss,

your heart felt hot and about to explode”

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SM Finally Fixed EXO-L Fansite!!


Rejoice Exo fans, SM finally fixed everything wrong with the fansite and its running smoothly now. If you havent been able to get in and gave up, you can get in now. 

theres no longer any problems with registering or receiving your email. I just tried and they sent me my email right away!


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140802 Tao @ The Lost Planet in Xian


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130414 Exo The 13th Billboard Music Annual Festival Red Carpet 

Majestic Tao

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sometimes i wonder how tao manages to survive in this world

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wonder the reason behind the “baby i just wanna see u naked” comes from donghae rejected to go naked with hyukjae in onsen :3

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love love love
love love love

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"ur eyeliner is 2 thick"


this is a public service announcement directed at mr. kodiak lee oubre

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Godfrey Gao for Brand [x]